About Scott Tomasheski


Scott Tomasheski was born in Perth Amboy but lost his New Jersey accent as a boy, when he migrated to Los Angeles along with his family. Raised on a steady diet of comic books and Japanese monster films, Scott developed his obsessions at an early age. Seeing his name and words in print, in articles he wrote for his high school and college newspapers, crystallized his love of the written word. He has been a professional chemist and microbiologist and a record store clerk and a dog kennel owner and an amateur historian. Although his old Jersey accent occasionally resurfaces in times of stress, he continues to reside in Los Angeles, along with his wife Nancy and their dogs April and Charley, named after April Atherton and Charles Durning, respectively.


About The Time Defenders

The Time Defenders’ mission is to protect the Timeline from those who would change it to suit their nefarious purposes ...